Premise-Based Contact Center Solutions

Startel, Professional Teledata and Alston Tascom offer a premise-based deployment for companies that wish to install, manage and maintain their investment behind their corporate firewall. These solutions include the same robust functionality of our cloud solutions, while giving you the control.


Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Manage your employees, customers, and entire contact center from the cloud. Startel, Professional Teledata and Alston Tascom’s cloud contact center solutions allow organizations to access our comprehensive suite of products any time, on any device, anywhere in the world.


Disaster Recovery

Minimize downtime and help ensure your customers’ data remains secure and accessible with our business continuity & disaster recovery solutions. By preparing in advance for a system outage or even a natural disaster, you can continue to deliver uninterrupted service regardless of the situation.


Comprehensive Billing

More than just a billing system, our Total Billing Solution (TBS) is packed with features that enable you to manage your contact center more efficiently and profitably and ever before. With millions of bills produced and a corporate track record of more than 30 years, TBS provides the critical data you need to manage your business.


Secure Messaging

Startel, Professional Teledata and Alston Tascom offer a full suite of robust messaging solutions that can allow your organization to communicate and collaborate in the way that you prefer. Whether it’s with instant messaging, cloud, SMS, or secure messaging applications, our solutions offer options that are right for your business.


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